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Back to the roots: is back!

The WebMeetup Lake Constance again becomes the TYPO3 Usergroup Lake Constance

About 2 years ago (or so) we renamed the TYPO3 Usergroup Lake Constance to WebMeetup Lake Constance.

The background was this::

Since the foundation of the usergroup it was always difficult to win new participants. Despite "advertising" our meetings via all kinds of social media platforms, new people only came to the meetings very rarely and then stayed with us.

But since our topics always went beyond the TYPO3 edge (SEO, Frontend Development, PHP and much more) we wanted to make the meetings a bit more "unspecific" and thus attract web developers who perhaps had nothing to do with TYPO3. So we renamed the meeting and moved the website to, because we also hoped to attract new people through this platform.

Conclusion of the matter:
even though our Meetup Group has over 300(!) members and new people keep signing up for the meetings, new people rarely joined in the end. Occasionally, they did, but not nearly as much as we had hoped.

Furthermore, although we positioned ourselves as an open web developer meeting, mostly only people with TYPO3 skills came to the meetings.

So we decided to go "back to the roots". We are again officially the "TYPO3 Usergroup Lake Constance", this website was "reanimated" and we will also give up the Meetup Group, because it has almost no useful effect and also costs money.

We will not change our topics for the meetings, it will still be about TYPO3, but also about all other web related topics. Anyone can suggest topics and requests for topics before or during the meetings.