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Meeting on October 8th in Ravensburg

The October meeting took place at the internet agency websedit in Ravensburg.

At short notice we still received a few cancellations, but at least there were six of us that evening. Small but nice ;)

This time we didn't have any prepared lectures in stock, but nevertheless we found some interesting topics during the evening. 

For example the question how to deal with the current judgement on cookie regulation as a service provider. Most of the cookie banner solutions used, especially in the TYPO3 environment, are absolutely pointless and most of the time also functionally free. A real opt-in for accepting cookies is not yet supported by any extension known to us. One possibility, which we also use here on the website, is the service of However, this service is only free for small websites and not very cheap for larger ones. An open source approach could possibly be clear, but at the moment there is still a lack of experience.

One participant asked the question to what point e-commerce is possible with TYPO3. Thereupon we took a short look at extensions like cart or Aimeos, but none of the attendees had any real experience with TYPO3 shops. Some time ago I implemented a mini shop in a customer project with cart, but that was almost my only contact with this topic so far.

Then the topic came up on "homepage construction kits vs. WordPress vs. TYPO3". A always interesting topic. TYPO3 websites are usually quite expensive compared to other solutions, which is partly due to the complexity of the system. Of course, this also results in an extremely flexible and scalable system, but in fact not every customer necessarily needs this. One option could be a kind of "Managed TYPO3", as it has been offered by the DFAU agency for some time. 

Over pizza and drinks we chatted about various other topics around web development and TYPO3. 

Anyway, it was again a very nice and interesting meeting and I would like to thank the websedit team again for sponsoring the room, pizza and drinks!