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Report from September 10

On September 10 we met in Singen at the Elma Schmidbauer GmbH. Many thanks to Jan Kiesewetter for the organisation!

Benni Mack about

Benni Mack about

Special guest of the evening was Benni Mack, everyone should know him from the TYPO3 scene. Benni presented us the tool via slack video call. This is certainly an interesting tool for PHP developers, because it can be used to find performance problems.

Catchword performance: even in current TYPO3 versions HMENUS with many pages and deep nesting are still a performance killer. Jan then showed this approach here, which I will have to take a closer look at on occasion.

Further topics were questions about best practices in deployment (LocalConfiguration vs. AdditionalConfiguration), we took a short look at the extension filefill, and I showed how to get TYPO3 running locally in a few minutes with Docker+DDEV (there were actually 2 participants who did not know DDEV yet ;) )

Even though we were only five this time, it was again a very informative and funny evening. I look forward to the meetings every month :)

By the way, the next meeting will take place on October 8th in Ravensburg.