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Review of the online meeting on July 14, 2020

The July meeting was again a pure online meeting, but again with participants from all over Germany.

Advantage of the online user group meetings: anyone can participate! Once again, the Republic was well represented, with participants from Northern Germany, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich to Lake Constance.

Jan held his session about deployment with TYPO3 Surf again, the interest in this topic was quite high. Although Surf is actually tailor-made for TYPO3 projects, it is used rather rarely. 

A video recording of his session may follow here soon.

Afterwards I (Wolfgang) presented the new sample project for TYPO3 10 from This is a free TYPO3 template that anyone can use as a basis for their website. Since it also is the technical basis for our customer projects, all our experiences of the last years flowed into it, and we were able to create a best-practice-example, with which inexperienced users can quickly create a working website, but from which also experienced TYPO3-users can perhaps learn a thing or two. Information about the sample project can be found here.

The next meeting will probably take place on August 11th. If it will be a pure online meeting again or a mixture of offline and online, we will announce in time via the known channels.